CultureTECH 2013 Derry/Londonderry



Come see my work and others too! Try out my Augmented Reality using Juanio for yourself on September 11th 2013!

Digitally Enabled User Experiences

A selection of work from the recently graduated School of Creative Arts & Technologies, Design students from the Magee Campus, University of Ulster will be exhibited. It shares inventive thinking on digitally enabled user experiences. This specific work ranges from augmented reality-enabled, walled city maps and first aid e-learning for kids, to immersive games related content and digital human modelling.

Come along and experience these interactions for yourselves. Open your mind to what can be achieved with creative multiple-disciplinary design thinking and technological developments.



Pop-Up Templates

I made templates for each of the four scenes I created. I printed them off and cut & glued the pieces together by hand. The front and back cover was also created by hand. It takes a day to make one of the books!

This is the marker for the Doctor Panda first aid instruction video:

Once I publish my Junaio App, everyone will be able to print off this marker and scan the image with their device and watch the augmented reality I created ūüôā

Origami and Acetate Quick Experiment

I cut a a¬†small circle from an acetate sheet and made origami leaves and roses. I’ve included pictures of the origami instructions I used to make the leaves (Sorry about the quality!):

leaf instructions

Taken from ‘Origami Fold-A-Day Calender 2013’

 leaf instruction

leaf instruction 2

leaf instruction 3

Taken from ‘The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts’

Origami Flat Rose

Taken from Google Images

Quick Experiment

I stuck the dark green leaves on the acetate using Anita’s glue and then cut a smaller circle piece from the acetate and glued on the smaller light green leaves. The roses were glued on afterwards. After the glued dried, you could barely see the glue marks. I don’t like how it turned out, so I decided to try again and make it similar to the vector trees that inspired me.

Origami Leaves and roses

Better Result

Origami Leaves and Tree

This is more like how I wanted the trees to look, breathing room for the leaves and color co-ordination. I like how it turned out even without adding layers, but I still need to nail my style for my project!

Quick Interactive Storyboard

I decided to quickly draw up the interactivity of my project as storyboards to communicate how the piece will be used.

1The front cover of the book will have the 4 main first aid characters and this will be a marker to scan. 3First you set up the tablet/iPad and headphones and turn on the Junaio App and click on the first aid channel. 2Then you scan the marker and an animation plays of all the characters introducing themselves or possibly folding into the characters if I have time. 4Then you open up the pop up book and choose a section to start off. 5Point the device at the marker, which will be icons which represent the steps to help the child in the scenario. Watch the 10 second animation of little cube characters playing and one getting hurt (cut/999/burn/nose bleed).  6When the animation ends the child will be prompted to click on an icon which appears in the middle of the screen. You click the icon with your finger.7A new video loads which will be taken from Youtube. This will be the instruction video made without limitations of Junaio so I can add effects and unlimited polygons. The app will stream the video I made and uploaded on Youtube. The main character for the scenario will be narrating as children can read well at the age of 4-5. Once one step is explained, an icon which represents the step will appear at the bottom of the screen.8When all the steps are explained, all the icons are revealed.  9The character ends with thanking the child for watching. 10The main character will tell the child they can play the animations again by pressing the icons on the side. 11I plan on having a follow-up activity for the children where they can rearrange cards with the icons from the scenario in the correct order with the marker as reference if they get stuck. 12I want to make the marker into a card which the children can take home and watch and learn the first aid again.

What are my Aims & Objectives for this project?

When talking to one of my supervisors they told me to set out my main aims & objectives which will help me determine the output of my project. I think it’s a good idea to set these out clearly so you don’t veer off the point of your project and lose sight. If you come up with good ideas for your project you can run by your A&O and see if they help meet them, if not and they hinder it, you simply don’t do it. This will help save time and not waste it which is important as I don’t have much time left to complete my project.

My Aims & Objectives

  1. Help 4-5 year old children in Primary School to learn simple First Aid
  2. Make a fun and engaging method of teaching
  3. Help children become more active during learning (user interaction, group work)

My project is heavily based on 4-5 year old children so I need to focus on having my project appeal to them visually and mentally. I need to define what I will be teaching the children and the method. There is much to decide so I need to research more on how children learn to narrow down what I will do for my project.

Presentation Feedback

After pitching my idea to a panel of lecturers I realised that creating a whole pop-up book with augmented reality (AR) elements on each page is unrealistic with the 12 weeks we have to complete this project and the fact that AR is new to me and a steep learning curve. So I decided that I would create one origami pop-up page environment with AR characters. I also need to concentrate on researching AR on the first few weeks to grasp a better understanding on how it works, the limitations and what I can do with it. I was advised to make an AR scene within the first few weeks to ensure I am capable of tackling this huge project, so I will be creating a static scene with a 3D model soon. I know I am capable of the origami and pop-up pieces as you can see on my presentation on prezi:

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