As I was experimenting with pop-up sizes, I was using a printing service to print the large documents – Foyle Press Ltd. Link:

Foyle Press Ltd

The company only prints as big as A3 for white sheets so I had to print two A3 sheets to make the A2 pop-up size (it only costed me 3 euro though!). However, I do plan on printing on a large sheet, possibly A2/A1 so I’ll need to find a printing company that will do this.

The company was able to provide 250 gsm white paper which is what I decided to print on. It worked well. They did have 300 gsm, but it would be too thick. I bought 290 gsm paper for home use and it didn’t even fit through my printer, I should have checked the manual for my printer!

The company I used also did not print the colours correctly, if you have a look at the background of the larger pop-ups, you can see it is white instead of a baby blue colour which is what I intend. When I print the same file on my printer the background sky is baby blue. Once I find a printing company I’ll have to print a tester (on a smaller sheet for example) to ensure the colours are correct.


Building My Pop-Up Scene

I printed out my template, cut the shapes out and stuck them in the right places. Before I finalised my template, this is how my pop-up scene was turning out:

I really am happy of how it was coming along. I added in some origami animals and leaves to give it more ‘pop’ with the bright colours. This scene was created using an A4 sheet. The size is a quarter of a full circle on an A4 sheet.


I showed my supervisor this experiment and they liked it, but he thought it would be better to make the colours brighter and consider actual size I plan on having this pop-up book to be. Another supervisor told me that he thought there was too much colour and he would prefer about only 2/3 colours with different shades of it. He also suggested contrasting the floor and the background and also the pop-up pieces to distinguish them. However, as this piece is aimed towards children I really wanted to add lot’s of colours to appeal to them and it is my style. I plan on making the colours brighter to make it ‘pop’.

My supervisor was also suggesting using heavier paper weights to experiment on the strength and making the fold in flap in the middle stay down, as when you open this piece up, the middle part stays up slightly. What I could do is stick something on the bottom of the piece to keep it down, or at the end of year show I could have the 4 sections stuck down in place with another pop-up book on the side for people to pick up and open up for themselves.


I need to look for a printing company that prints the best quality and uses a heavy paper weight. I printed A3 sheets with my template and the quality wasn’t that great.


My main piece is circular and it’s too difficult to cut the shape perfectly so I will need a circle protractor or something similar to cut the perfect shape. The other parts I will be using scissors/Stanly knife, but I need a method that will cut them perfectly.

Design Roulette Critique

Every few weeks we have a presentation roulette where a student is picked randomly to present their progress in their work so far. The presentation is done in the style of Pecha Kucha.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha

What is Pecha Kucha?

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically (20 seconds per slide, total 6m 40s) and you talk along to the images. You can find more information on the following link:

Why Pecha Kucha?

This makes your presentation more fun, creative and engaging with the audience. If you mainly have images on your slides instead of text, the audience will listen to you as you talk rather than read off the board. I definitely prefer presenting this way!

My Prezi Presentation

My presentation for week 8 Design Roulette can be found here on


Week 1 presentation is:


When we head to class we are given a raffle ticket with a number on it. I was nervous during class and even more so when a number was being picked out. Luckily sometimes a number will be drawn to win a prize and you don’t have to present. I had to draw a number and I picked my own number 32! The price was strawberry laces but one of the lecturers changed it to a massive bag of marshmallows because of my blog and my obsession I had with them! That made me quite happy and then I was given the choice to present or not so I decided to present because of the bag of marshmallows and get some feedback. The marshmallow bag was also too big for me to devour on my own so I offered them to anyone I saw!


I was a little bit nervous but it went well, though I had just too much to say with so little time per slide! I didn’t practice the timing, just the gist of what I wanted to say on each slide.


One lecturer advised me on printing professionally to ensure a clean crease, minimal costs and services etc. I have contacted several printing companies but so far I have had no joy with finding a solution.

My supervisor advised me to decide on the story for each of the 4 characters before continuing modelling my characters. So far I’m thinking of teaching the following:

1. Treating a burn

2. Treating a cut/graze

3. Taking care of a nose bleed

4. Dialling 999 or taking care of a bruise

I also need to come into contact with First Aid Aware with two other students who are working with them too. I think we will present our work in mid April to gather their thoughts and opinions and make any adjustments according to their suggestions.

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