Pop-Up Templates

I made templates for each of the four scenes I created. I printed them off and cut & glued the pieces together by hand. The front and back cover was also created by hand. It takes a day to make one of the books!

This is the marker for the Doctor Panda first aid instruction video:

Once I publish my Junaio App, everyone will be able to print off this marker and scan the image with their device and watch the augmented reality I created 🙂


Exhibition Show

The exhibition was a great success and really fun! The show was held on the 14th June in the London Street Gallery in Derry/Londonderry. It will also be running from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th with free admission. (10am to 4pm) Come check it out!

Here’s a link to the London Street Gallery: http://www.londonstreetgallery.org/off-the-cuff.html

Here are some of the pictures I took of the exhibition:


Some close-ups of my origami pop-up book:


I covered a whole sofa with my stuff whilst getting my exhibition ready:

Circle Pop-Up Experiment

I tried out the circle pop-up tutorial and it was straight forward enough:

What I had to find out was if adding pop-up features and origami would work so I messed about and here are the experiment results:

Next step is to work out the scenarios on each section and do some sketching and prototyping!

Folding a Circular Pop-Up

I started research how to fold circular pop-up piece for my project and found this example which is perfect:

Here is a tutorial I found on how to make a pop-up circle:

I will be able to place the pop-up pieces where the folds are which will work well.

I will try this out and post how it goes!

Presentation Feedback

After pitching my idea to a panel of lecturers I realised that creating a whole pop-up book with augmented reality (AR) elements on each page is unrealistic with the 12 weeks we have to complete this project and the fact that AR is new to me and a steep learning curve. So I decided that I would create one origami pop-up page environment with AR characters. I also need to concentrate on researching AR on the first few weeks to grasp a better understanding on how it works, the limitations and what I can do with it. I was advised to make an AR scene within the first few weeks to ensure I am capable of tackling this huge project, so I will be creating a static scene with a 3D model soon. I know I am capable of the origami and pop-up pieces as you can see on my presentation on prezi: http://prezi.com/st2gdt-qmu1y/des509-major-design-project/

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