Pop-Up Templates

I made templates for each of the four scenes I created. I printed them off and cut & glued the pieces together by hand. The front and back cover was also created by hand. It takes a day to make one of the books!

This is the marker for the Doctor Panda first aid instruction video:

Once I publish my Junaio App, everyone will be able to print off this marker and scan the image with their device and watch the augmented reality I created 🙂


Visual Diary Tree Style

After looking into many different styles to inspire me, I started a few quick sketch ideas in my visual diary:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

I’ve filled up my visual diary with images and sketches, all to inspire me and keep my ideas together, it has helped me a get deal on deciding on my final style.

Acetate Printing

My supervisor suggested using acetate to make some of my trees and I thought I could stick my origami leaves and flowers on them to make them look like they are floating, inspiration came from these vector trees:

Vector Tree

I’ll be giving this a go tonight!



Acetate paper allows you to print transparency films to use on over head projectors, report covers for school or work projects or craft projects.

Things you need:

  1. Word processor or design software
  2. Inkjet or laser printer
  3. Acetate paper sheets


  1. Lay out the design to print on the acetate paper in your word processor or other design program.
  2. Load the acetate paper into your printer. Make sure to remove any tissue separator sheets that may be placed between the pieces of acetate paper before loading into the printer. Load the acetate paper so that the rough side of the sheet is the side that will be printed on. Consult with your printer documentation or print a test sheet to be sure of proper placement in the printer.
  3. Select “Print” from the “File” menu on the toolbar of your software program. Within the print dialogue box, choose “Properties” to explore the options available on your printer. Many printers have a “Transparency” option available. Consult your printer documentation for more information about your printer’s capabilities. Additional printing information can be found on the instructions that came with your package of acetate paper. After the appropriate settings have been determined in your printer properties, select “Print” to continue printing the file. For multiple page documents, print pages one at a time to prevent possible smudging.
  4. Handle the acetate paper carefully once your image has been printed. Hold it on the edges of the sheet to prevent possible smearing before the ink has been allowed to dry. Leave in the printer tray, or lay on a flat surface to allow the sheet to dry completely before handling. This could take up to 10 minutes.
  5. Repeat the process for any additional pages that may need to be printed. Allow all pages to dry completely before stacking.

Helpful Tips

Using acetate can be tricky if you haven’t done so before, here is some helpful tips if you ever want to try it out:

  • You must ensure you are using INKJET acetate – you can tell if your acetate is inkjet friendly by checking to see if it has one rough side and one glossy side – you must make sure you print on the ROUGH side. Normal printer settings are a good place to start.
  • Acetate can have paper feed problems – these sometimes (depending on the printer) can be caused because the acetate in particular being ejecting each time because some printers cannot detect the start of the acetate because it is transparent – to combat both these problems the following method should help – If the printer is struggling with feeding the acetate in – then use a piece of normal paper and attach this to the acetate down one of the short edges with double-sided tape – then ensure this end feeds into the printer first – basically the paper will act as a carrier sheet.
  • To test the correct loading of your acetate paper, first load a plain sheet of paper into the printer. Use a pen to mark on the side of the paper visible to you once it has been loaded into the printer and print as normal. Note the placement of the mark you made on the printed sheet to determine which side of the page has been printed on.

Tree Inspiration

I want to include a tree in the scenario were a cube character falls off the tree and gets a cut/graze so I’ve been looking at shapes and structure of trees and help me.

Quick Character Design Idea

I brought in one of my 3D Max renders and put it into illustrator and quickly added some of the characters features to see how they could turn out. The base colour was rendered out through Max so I haven’t put a texture on it yet, so the colour shown is only a guide. When I texture the characters they will be paper textured to reveal creases, just like how the characters turn out when folded.

Character Sketches

My characters will be based on the origami puffy bunny idea so they will be cube shaped. I started working on the features such as ears, eyes, mouth etc on top of the cube shape and here is my development work so far:

I think my 4 main characters will be:

Cat: Nurse

Chick: Fireman

Panda: Doctor

Bunny: Teacher

Presentation Feedback

After pitching my idea to a panel of lecturers I realised that creating a whole pop-up book with augmented reality (AR) elements on each page is unrealistic with the 12 weeks we have to complete this project and the fact that AR is new to me and a steep learning curve. So I decided that I would create one origami pop-up page environment with AR characters. I also need to concentrate on researching AR on the first few weeks to grasp a better understanding on how it works, the limitations and what I can do with it. I was advised to make an AR scene within the first few weeks to ensure I am capable of tackling this huge project, so I will be creating a static scene with a 3D model soon. I know I am capable of the origami and pop-up pieces as you can see on my presentation on prezi: http://prezi.com/st2gdt-qmu1y/des509-major-design-project/

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