As I was experimenting with pop-up sizes, I was using a printing service to print the large documents – Foyle Press Ltd. Link:

Foyle Press Ltd

The company only prints as big as A3 for white sheets so I had to print two A3 sheets to make the A2 pop-up size (it only costed me 3 euro though!). However, I do plan on printing on a large sheet, possibly A2/A1 so I’ll need to find a printing company that will do this.

The company was able to provide 250 gsm white paper which is what I decided to print on. It worked well. They did have 300 gsm, but it would be too thick. I bought 290 gsm paper for home use and it didn’t even fit through my printer, I should have checked the manual for my printer!

The company I used also did not print the colours correctly, if you have a look at the background of the larger pop-ups, you can see it is white instead of a baby blue colour which is what I intend. When I print the same file on my printer the background sky is baby blue. Once I find a printing company I’ll have to print a tester (on a smaller sheet for example) to ensure the colours are correct.


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