Character Beauty Shots

I rendered some beauty shots of my main origami characters and origami cube characters from 3D Studio Max:


2nd Scenario – Treating a Burn

My main character for this scenario will be Fireman Chicky/Chick to teach the children how to treat a burn. (Baby chick image from Chicks in Hats).

Cute Baby Chicken
Kitchens are a prime area for young children to get burned, either while trying to help cook or coming in contact with appliances that are still hot. They may accidentally spill a cup of hot tea or be too close to a lit fireplace. Young children are curious, small, and have sensitive skin that needs extra protection.

It is a good idea to teach children what to do in a situation when they or someone else accidentally burn themselves, so they can do what is necessary as soon as possible before the burn gets worse.

Spilled Coffee

What I have in mind for this scenario is for the main character, Fireman Chicky, to explain the situation of a child being burnt from a cup of coffee and what do to. An animation in the background, which interacts with the pop-ups, will play using AR from Junaio. I haven’t figured out the storyboard yet as I am working out the 4 scenarios to help me with the textures of each of my characters and the extra plain cube characters in the background.

3 Step Lesson

  1. Check – Make sure the area is safe, move away from the danger i.e. the spilled hot cup of coffee
  2. Care – Put the affected area under cold running water for at least 10 minutes and dry carefully  (apply cling film if possible)
  3. Call – Tell an adult and if it is really bad, call 999

Cooling a Burn

I need to ask First Aid Aware about the steps and make sure they are correct. The cling film may be a step too far as the child may not be able to access them as they are high up, they could be tricky to use and there may be sharp edges (used to tear the cling film) which would be dangerous.

On my 999 scenario the steps were Check, Call and Care, which may be confusing for the burn accident as Care comes before Call. I think I need to think about how to phrase the steps to not confuse the children.


What I imagine to happen in the animation is two little cube characters (extras) playing in a room (kitchen/sitting room?) and one bumps into the table and spills the cup of coffee. The little cube gets in contact with the hot coffee and is crying and upset. The other cube knows what to do and Fireman Chicky is narrating what to do in this situation. The cube moves themself and the other cube away from the danger, runs the burn area under cooling water and tells and adult. If the burn is very bad they will call 999.

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