Pop-Up Templates

I made templates for each of the four scenes I created. I printed them off and cut & glued the pieces together by hand. The front and back cover was also created by hand. It takes a day to make one of the books!

This is the marker for the Doctor Panda first aid instruction video:

Once I publish my Junaio App, everyone will be able to print off this marker and scan the image with their device and watch the augmented reality I created 🙂


More Isometric Inspiration

Isometric designs are really cool, especially the cute ones! I want to add an element of isometric style to the background of my pop-up pieces. Possible in the form of clouds, little animals, the sun, rinbow etc.

Quick Character Design Idea

I brought in one of my 3D Max renders and put it into illustrator and quickly added some of the characters features to see how they could turn out. The base colour was rendered out through Max so I haven’t put a texture on it yet, so the colour shown is only a guide. When I texture the characters they will be paper textured to reveal creases, just like how the characters turn out when folded.

Origami Cube Lights

After researching origami cubes for an extended amount of time I came across this cute idea!

Origami Cube Lights



Origami Cube Lights


I would love to make my little first aid characters and hang them up on fairy lights for my end of year show. I have so many ideas for my show! I need to concentrate on completing my major project first! 🙂

More Cube Characters Inspiration!

I’ve been looking at more paper-based cube animals for inspiration on making my characters out of origami and cute cube characters:





More Inspiration

Kawaii Inspiration

My main inspiration for my character design is “Kawaii” which means cute in Japanese. In Japan it has become a prominent aspect of  Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behaviour and mannerisms. If you type kawaii in your search engine you will find loads of cute images and inspiration!

Cute Character Inspiration

Looking at more inspiration ideas for my origami character, going to start sketching!

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