Doctor Panda First Aid Video

Have a look at my Doctor Panda First Aid instruction video for children to learn how to treat a cut with 3 simple steps:


Origami Paper Folding in 3D Studio Max

If I have time after completing my main project, I want to model the folding of one of my origami characters as an introduction to the pop up piece. So on the front cover of my final outcome there will be a marker to scan and play my animation of the character being made.

AR with Junaio

My supervisor used Junaio before to animate a few simple characters for a market research company a year ago. You can check out the video on my Prezi presentation:

To make it work you have to download the free Junaio app on the android tablet, for example, and search for the correct channel on the app to play the animation. The visual cue or marker was the company’s business card and by touching the model itself it directs you to their website. The level of interaction is minimal here, but there is potential for greater use and I hope to incorporate interaction with the characters I design and model for primary school children to learn from.

If you want to find out more information on Junaio check out their website:

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