Project Planning

Review the Project:

My objective is to create a professionally printed and assembled origami pop-up page with 3D characters and as much functioning AR (Augmented Reality) as possible. If I have time I want to create more pages, but my main focus will be the AR.

The project is quite big as I have a steep learning curve with AR but I am determined to tackle the problem, do my research and do many tutorial to help me. I know I can do the 3D characters, origami and pop-ups, but I will still give myself significant time for these tasks.

The major problem I have for this project is the AR software I will be using, I need to figure out what software and method I will be using to host the AR. The software could be expensive which means I would not be able to use it unless I was able to be financed for the software. I also am new to AR and coding so I need to work really hard to understand this new medium and do the best I can within the time given.

I need to set myself deadlines and prioritise my work to succeed so I believe project planning is important to help manage my time and estimate what is possible.

Work Breakdown Structure and Asset List:

Priority 1:

AR tutorials and research

Successful AR

Sketches and final concept ideas of characters

3D characters (modelled, textures, lighting, rendering, animating)

Pop-up page (prototypes and final concept)

Origami pieces

Priority 2:

More AR development and sophistication

Add an extra pop-up page

Priority 3:

Polished AR, pop-up pages and origami

Here is my project management workflow:

Project Work Flow

Project Work Flow

Project Work Flow

Project Work Flow

I decided to redo my project plan with more detail to help me plan my tasks for each week. I used two pin boards, each with two subject areas with a breakdown of what I need to do. I also got a white board to write down all the tasks I need to complete each week and I can add/take away or tick the tasks as I progress.

Origami and AR Tasks

Pop-Up and 3D modelling Tasks

Weekly Tasks

This has really helped me with meeting my targets and understanding just how little time I have left to complete my project!


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