Major Project Brief

For my Major Project I have decided to create an Origami Pop-Up Book with Augmented Reality for the company ‘First Aid Aware’ (you can visit their site:

First Aid Aware Logo

First Aid Aware is a company based in Ireland and they provide training services for CPR, First Aid and Safety Training.  They are now exploring possible opportunities to teach children in primary schools as there is no certified training provided for young children to learn these valuable skills.

“Every year 400,000 young people are injured at school, with more injuries occurring outside the school ground. However only a small percentage of the 450,000 teachers and 8 million pupils are first aid trained.”

 St John Ambulance, 2009  ( )

The purpose of my proposal is to provide First Aid Aware a creative and encouraging learning method to communicate and educate First Aid to young children in primary school.

A survey conducted by St John Ambulance on 1552 primary and secondary children at schools across the country in a mix of rural and urban areas found out that:

  • 69% of school children wouldn’t know how to treat a friend or loved one who needed first aid
  • 72% of these children would like to learn first aid
  • 83% would feel more confident helping those around them if they were taught first aid.

I wanted to design a creative, fun and educational method to teach children first aid so I decided to create a pop-up book. It has more visual impact and appeal with dimensional transformations and sense of animation compared to flat printed pages.  They’re a great learning tool for children as it encourages them to explore, investigate, interact and learn whilst having fun.

I created a project proposal presentation on which you can visit on the following link:

Pop-Up Book

My inspiration for creating a pop-up book came from my own fascination of them and how beautiful they can be. They can be quite simple to complex depending what you are aiming for. Here are some examples of pop-up books which have inspired me:

Here is a Youtube video of the Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up Book:


Origami is the art of paper-folding and has been an interest of mine since childhood. It doesn’t require glue or scissors like pop-ups do. They can be quite easy to make to complex. I want to incorporate origami because of the beautiful form and to add more depth to the pop-up book.

Here are soon inspirational origami pieces:

I found a pop-up book which combines origami and pop-up techniques called ‘Popigami’:

For my Professsional Practice Design (PPD) module in semester 1 I created an experimental popigami:

Popigami Experiment

Popigami Experiment

You can check out my vimeo video for the popigami below:

I used origami techniques I researched and my own techniques I developed to create the clothes, faces of the characters, hair, flowers and spin wheels. The rest of the pieces were cut out from coloured paper and glued together such as the bushes, tress and picnic blanket.

Augmented Reality

“Augmented reality is the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment that’s displayed in real-time.”

Definition of augmented reality (AR) (

AR can be ‘markerbased’ when a camera picks up a specific visual cue like the rocket, baseball player and rainbow images below. Or ‘makerless’ which uses GPS and compass to compare a library of information and sends it to your device such as phone or tablet.

AR with Marker

AR Markerless


AR Browser Markerless

Lego has a ”Digital Box” were the finished built product is shown on top of the Lego box when you show the box under the camera.


Lego Digital Box AR

Augmented Reality as a Learning Tool

Augmented reality can also be used as an educational tool for children. The Horizon Report in 2011 basically stated that AR can be used for visual and highly interactive forms of learning by showing data onto the real world. It can also respond to the user’s input and possess the potential for learning and assessment. I could assess the children on what they have learnt on First aid for example using interactive AR.

I want to add the AR because it makes it engaging with the children as I hope to have them interact with the characters I will design for the pop-up book. I will model simple versions of the characters as AR can’t support high polygon count as of yet. But I hope to animate them to make them come alive and capture the attention and curiosity of the children whilst educating them as the children can interact with them.

From TwinEngine, the award-winning strategic marketing and creative agency, they predicted 13 trends in 2013 based on relevant data:

This technology will not only continue to emerge; it will become a popular choice for consumers when they want or need more information.

– Social channels align and new channels emerge

– Untapped potential

– Brings static pages to life

– Google’s AR glasses

– Interactive instructions, training, windshield AR navigation


TwinEngine Social Media 2013

Approaches to the Same Problem

St John Ambulance provides an Interactive Pack which contains:  film clips, scenario cards, fact sheets, lesson planes, worksheets and certificates for all who take part. But it is only for 7-16 year olds which means the younger children miss out.

St John Ambulance Interactive Pack

The British Red Cross have a “Life. Live it. First aid education for children” on their website which includes activities, games and videos to teach First aid to 5-11 year olds in the UK. However, it is not a certified training method for children and they are not tested to ensure they carry out first aid in the proper manner etc.


British Red Cross First Aid For children

There are also books which are easy to understand and well-illustrated but they are quite outdated which means children may not find it appealing as there is nothing to trigger their curiosity and encourage them to learn.

The book below may seem appealing to children but the contents emphasises getting a grownup’s attention rather than focus on what the child could do in that situation.


The Kids Guide to First Aid

I haven’t come across a pop-up book or augmented reality teaching first aid to children. I think that children interacting with the learning tool is very effective. But I came across ZooBurst which helps primary school children learn through visual imaging. It is an augmented reality app with 3D characters which children can interact with and become part of the story via webcam.



Target Audience

My client is First Aid Aware but my users will be primarily the younger group of children (4-5) as there are not many innovative ways to educate this age group.  Pop-up books are also more appealing at this age and it is most likely that this will be the first time AR is introduced to them.

For the pop-up book I want to make it colourful, bright, friendly and inviting to appeal to young children. I will have a little boy and girl character with a talking animal to assist the children when First aid is required. Examples of stories could be: a cut on the knee and a plaster is needed, a burn and running water is needed or how to dial 999 or 112 in Ireland. The words will be simple so young children can read and understand the meaning.


I will be incorporating the following disciplines  Illustration and graphic design for the pop-ups and pages, paper engineering (origami and pop-up construction pieces), 3D and 2D character design (3Ds Max software used for character modelling to be used in the augmented reality and 2D used for pop-ups) and animating for augmented reality.

Project Ambitions:

I aim to complete the following deliverables during this project:

  • Design development and final solution of characters  story, pop-up/origami pieces, 3D modelling and augmented reality concept. This will include research, sketches, experiments and software prototypes.
  • Document my design process in the form of contextual notebooks.
  • A finalised origami pop-up book with functioning augmented reality.
  • Reflective blog on what I have learnt with evaluation.

I want to improve my character development skills, 3Ds max modelling and texturing skills, visual narrative skills, illustrating skills and professional standard of showcasing my work. Additionally, I want to improve my knowledge of paper engineering, applying augmented reality and professional printing services and method.


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