Expeimenting Pop-Up Scene Size

I first made the pop-up scene with an A4 sheet, next I tried out an A3 sheet and also an A2 sheet, here are the results:

A3 Sheet – Brighter colour 

I also made the colours brighter to see how it would turn out. I like the ‘pop’ it gives, makes it more appealing to children.



A2 Sheet





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6 responses to “Expeimenting Pop-Up Scene Size

  1. Looking good now with the brighter colours. I’d deffo try and have a baby blue sky though too… no?

  2. leaving the feedback you asked for here 🙂

    I think the colours are exciting and appealing I think 4-5 year old kids will be really attracted to them.
    The characters are cute and kids will be drawn to them, especially when they are part of an interactive app, kids seem to be latching on to new technology, and I think they will respond well to being taught through augmented reality.
    The overall style is quirky and fun, I think that the kids will enjoy using the product, that it will feel like play and they will forget that they are learning. I can also see many of them will want collect little figurines of the characters.

  3. Debbie Lockhart

    Same as heidi, leaving feedback here 🙂

    I was very excited by the pop up aspect and I’m 22 so I’d like to think 4-5 year olds would be the same! The pop-up style is what sets it apart from ordinary books! & of course the augmented reality. That will make the book come to life and keep the kids attention I reckon!

    I love the colour palette! It’s cute and the overall style (as heidi has said) is quirky and eye catching.

  4. I think the concept is an exciting idea! I personaly would love a book like this. Children are becoming more hi tech, playing on phones etc. So they of course will be interested by the whole augmented reality aspect. AG has yet to become a massive thing I think, as its not everywhere. But will be a big thing in the future.

    I love pop up books there intricate and so well thought out! They have always been apart of childrens childhoods and with the new AG its realy diferent.

    The colours are atractive and I like that u didnt go with a basic block colour scheme. The style is unique and suitable. I agree with heidi that the children will be so engrosed with the AG and pop that they wont even realise they are learning. 🙂

  5. Copying everyone else and leaving feedback here 😛
    I love the whole idea of this project having the pop up and augmented all in one is a brilliant and different :)I think it would defiantly be effective as its something new. Also first aid can be very boring and not many children would pay attention to it this is a great way of making it interesting. The colours are great these are way better then normal trees printed onto the paper. The pop ups tie in with the AR as it is all 3d 😀

    The style is lovely, very children appealing and eye-catching.. I want one too lol and I’m slightly older then 4 or 5 😉 lol. The shape is really cool, most books are squares this is different and really nice.:) The size would be perfect too 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for the feedback on my work you guys! 😀 Greatly appreciated! 😀

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